BeCause Water is a grassroots social movement aimed at solving the water crisis through raising awareness, informing, and creating water efficient communities.
Did you know that there is a landfill in the Pacific Ocean two times the size of Texas?  Or that only 1% of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking? Have you ever considered what effects pollution has on our drinking water?  Our guess is that these issues aren’t on your radar.  But why should they be?  There’s plenty of water to drink, to shower, and to wash our cars, right?  Well think again.  Our water sources are being depleted, over-fished, and polluted all while bottled water companies continue to make fortunes as they devastate our environment.

Even for those who could care less about the environment, water is still a necessity.  It is the most essential resource to humans besides air.  If there are wars with thousands of lives lost over oil, could there one day be wars over water?

It’s time we start educating ourselves on the many issues surrounding water. Throughout history communities have been built around water.  Today, BeCause Water presents a different focus.  Not just to build a community around water, but to protect the water we do have with our most powerful resource, the people.  It’s time to dive in.  Let’s test the waters!

“Water sustains all”
-Thales of Miletus, 600 B.C.

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