Scavenger Hunt: Boston Local Food Fest Edition



o    Take a picture of a plastic bottle thrown in the trash and not recycled. (1 point)

o    Go to the New England Aquarium booth and record a 10-30 second video on their take on how to improve local water protection. (2 points)

o    Take a picture with any historic Boston landmark while wearing our t- shirt.or holding our reusable bottle.  (6 points)

o    Take a video asking Corporate Accountability International for their opinion on bottled water companies. (2 points)

o    Add 1 more person to your team as you continue! (5 points)

o    Get a picture exercising with the Boston Collaborative for Food & Fitnesss staff (3 points)

o    Drink 8 small cups of water in 20 seconds. (4 points)

o    Get a picture with one of the musicians of the band Hot Like Fire at The River Stage. (2 points)

o Go to Save That Stuff booth and ask them which two items need to be recycled more . (2 points)

o    Like us on facebook so we can turn you into a water sustainability pro. (4 points)

o    Recruit 5 people to come to the BeCause Water table. (4 points)

o    Locate 2 BeCause Water stickers in this 300 yard radius (take pic) (4 points)

o    Play BeCause Water’s Test the Waters and guess whether tap or bottled 3x in a row. (3 points)

o    Do the Water Dance.  Don’t ask questions..just do it and catch it on video.  (4 points)

o    Sing any song with the word “water” in it while you have water in your mouth and record it on audio/video.  (4 points)

o    Drink a small cup of water (provided by BeCause Water) while upside down. (4 points)

o    Balance the BeCause Water Reusable Bottle on top of your head while you walk 10 feet! (9 points)

o     Do the BeCause Water Chant LOUDLY and record it!  It starts with one person chanting “BeeeeCauuuuussse” and the other “Waaaterrrrrrr”.  Do this 3x and record your animal like instincts.  (6 points)


The Rules of  the Scavenger HUNT

             1st RULE: You do not talk about the BW Scavenger HUNT

             2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about the BW Scavenger HUNT

             3rd RULE: If someone says “stop”, goes limp, or taps out, the Scavenger HUNT is


             4th RULE: Two or more people to a Scavenger HUNT

             5th RULE: Practice SAFE Drinking & TAP IT UP!

             6th RULE: No bottled water, no wasting water.

             7th RULE: Scavenger Hunt will last a maximum of 1 hour.

             8th RULE: If you are at BOSTON LOCAL FOOD FESTIVAL, you HAVE to play!

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