Join BeCause Water at Boston GreenFest Fri-Sat


We’ve been waiting all summer, but it’s finally time for Boston GreenFest 2012! From Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th, Boston City Hall Plaza will be buzzing with environmentally conscious business, performances, and events for the whole family to enjoy. The BeCause Water team will have a booth set up from Friday to Saturday, so come by for some robust Water Sustainability conversation and activities!

BeCause Water Booth

Scavenger Hunt– Prizes including $$$!

Hydration Station– bring your dogs too!

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?- BeCause Water Edition

Charles River Cleanup Boat Sign Up

Test the Waters!- Tap vs. Bottled. Can you tell the difference??

Come meet the Because Water team and learn about water sustainability in Massachusetts while having fun. We’ll love to meet some fellow comrades to spread the word about water sustainability in Massachusetts. Our scavenger hunt will take you all around GreenFest and give you a chance to win some  Because Water prizes. We also have refreshing water for thirsty visitors and thirsty dogs. There will be tons of great ways to get involved with great water causes around Massachusetts, so be sure to pay us a visit!

Get Involved

At the Because Water booth, you can volunteer to help out with environmental clean up efforts around Massachusetts. If you want to also volunteer at Boston GreenFest, you can choose a day and time to lend your services. Learn about sustainable business, see great shows, and learn how to live green! This is Boston’s biggest eco-friendly event of the year, with so many great activities for all ages. We can’t wait for GreenFest and we hope to see you there too!


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