Best MA Beaches Close to Boston

As another hot summer week rolls on, the Because Water team is already planning a beach getaway this weekend. Massachusetts has so many great beaches, its hard to choose which spot is the best. Luckily, having a lot of options is a good thing! We picked out some of our favorite beaches within a short commute from Boston. This weekend, escape from the city heat and make it to the shore!

Singing Beach – Manchester, MA

Singing Beach in Manchester By the Sea is just a short drive or train ride from Boston, and is always ranked as one of Massachusetts best beaches. The beach gets its name from the sound of sand under your feet, and the scenery does seem magical when you’re there. Locals take pride in keeping the beach in pristine condition, and there is a great community spirit in maintaining this lovely beach location. The downside: parking will cost you $25, and you need to pay a small fee to enter the beach.

Carson Beach – South Boston, MA

Carson Beach is right in Boston, and offers a ton of public amenities. Accessible from the T, Carson Beach is a public beach that allows Boston residents to soak up the sun, and enjoy the views of Pleasure Bay and Castle Island. Carson Beach is the perfect spot to grab a bite and have a picnic, play some volleyball, or just relax and watch the waves. There are a number of historical landmarks around the beach, as well as a path for running/walking/biking and taking in the views.

Crane Beach – Ipswitch, MA

Crane Beach is a bit of a hike from Boston, but the trip is more than worth it if you are planning a whole day or weekend trip. Crane Beach is a nature preserve and recreation area which boasts 4 miles of beautiful white sand coastline, and a ton of amenities for the whole family. Crane Beach also offers special weekly activities like kayaking and camp-outs, its a wonderful place to let your kids experience the beach.

Spectacle Island – Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands have only been open to the public for a few years, they have already become one of the best day-trip spots in Boston. Spectacle Island is a short ferry ride away from Boston, but feels like a different world: just getting there will be fun for the kids. Once on the island you can enjoy kayaking and canoeing, fishing, lighthouses, camping, and a variety of food and events.  Get a bit of the island lifestyle only a few miles from Boston!

Revere Beach – Revere, MA

Revere Beach is a mainstay in Boston, and its also the oldest public beach in the United States (founded in 1896)!  Full of history and energy, Revere Beach is a short drive from the city and has a reputation as the best Boston area beach. Revere Beach is being heavily invested in, and boasts a ton of restaurants, attractions, and even a casino. Each year in July the beach sponsors a giant sand-sculpting  competition which attracts thousands from all over the country.

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