Celebrate Sustainability with Boston GreenFest 2012

Photo by Bostongreenfest.org

Summer in Boston is full of great family events and chances to meet new people. One of the events we are most excited about this summer is the Boston GreenFest. This wonderful event has activities for all ages and serves to educate Massachusetts residents on how they can make their home more efficient, save money, and protect the environment. Each year this event promotes sustainability while entertaining Boston audiences with great activities and events. This years GreenFest is kicks off at 5pm on August 16th and will continue until August 19th.

Arts and Entertainment

The Boston GreenFest has tons of informative and fun exhibits as well as music performances and green business events. GreenFest has  a variety of different musicians and dancers performing throughout the weekend, all of them environmentally motivated. There is also a GreenFilmFest on the 17th and 18th that features award winning and thought provoking films, including one of our favorites: Koyaanisqatsi.  The festival also features a Green Fashion Show with environmentally conscious rules, and a Green Art Gallery showcasing art created from industrial trash.

One Gallon Challenge

The opening event of GreenFest is the One Gall0n challenge. In this challenge, 8 super-efficient cars will attempt to travel 100 miles from Plymouth to Greenfield on a single gallon of fuel. There are participants from all over New England, and if you’re feeling ambitious you can still enter a machine until August 10th. This is a great chance for engineers and science aficionados to see how extremely efficient vehicles handle the rigors of real life driving conditions. You might even see some technology that could make its way into your new car!


The BostonGreenFest has a number of great exhibits that promote environmentally responsible living. The EcoTimeTunnel is an art exhibit that allows visitors to visualize how our Earth has changed over time.  The EcoTerrace allows guests to try sustainably crafted wines and beers and relax from the action. Additionally, the EcoBazaar returns this year and offers eco-friendly local crafts for purchase. The GreenFest is jam packed with sustainable activities for all ages, be sure to check out the schedule so that you can make it to everything!

The BostonGreenFest is our favorite summer event, and each year it gets better. There is so much to do and see and learn, and its a great event to teach your kids about protecting the environment. If you want to do more than just attend, you can volunteer for any of the  4 days and be a part of the movement! We are privileged to have such a well organized and comprehensive effort going towards sustainability and environmental protection, you can’t miss bringing your family to the BostonGreenFest.

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