BONUS Video Coverage: Bottle Bill Rally

The Because Water team visited the Boston State House on Wednesday to visit the rally to expand the bottle bill.

Supporters of the bill say that expanding the number of products eligible for redemption will lead to more recycling and more jobs in Massachusetts.

Opponents say that the expanded bottle bill would make Massachusetts residents pay an unnecessary tax.

The Massachusetts Coalition to Update the Bottle Bill has set up a website where you can find out how you can help out efforts to expand the bill.

BeCause Water’s Drop in the Bucket

There are a few topics that we do not hear discussed enough concerning this debate.  This bill may not result in %100 percent redemption rate, but it sets a necessary precedent to younger generations that these bottles cannot be thrown in a landfill or to the side of the road.

Placing value on something like a bottle shows how serious of an issue this is. It also needs to be discussed that this bill, although a positive step forward, is not the end all solution to recycling in this country. More needs to be done to incentivize curbside recycling so we can catch up with all the other developed countries who are light years ahead of us.  In one of our interviews at the rally we ran into a couple from the UK who told us that they actually get fined for not recycling in their part of the country.

Recycling is not Enough

Plastic bottles are detrimental to our environment in the entire life cycle from production and death, and in many cases our health (BPA).  Unfortunately, recycling isn’t some magical environmentally sound process either.  There is a great deal of water wasted and emissions yielded that could be avoided by using a reusable container.
This bottle bill is a positive step forward, but we have a long way to go.

-Señor Agua

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