Bottle Bill Coverage at MA State House

Today the BeCause Water reporting team headed to the MA State House to cover the rally to expand the Bottle Bill. There was an excellent mix of political representation and citizen support, along with some passionate public speaking. The rally drew a diverse and motivated group looking to open up a dialogue about recycling and water sustainability  in Boston.

Expanding the Bottle Bill

The majority of rally-goers were in favor of seeing the expanded bottle bill finally pass after being stuck in bureaucratic limbo for 14 years, finally pass. Representatives from the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MassPIRG), including Director Janet Domenitz, called attention to the recycling benefits that would come from expanded redemption.  Additionally, supporters of the bill argue that expanding the bottle bill will result in more Massachusetts jobs and improvements to redemption centers.

The Opposition

Some anti-bill expansion advocates also attended the rally. Opponents of the bill say that the additional deposit paid by consumers is essentially an extra tax, and feel that another tax is not something we need in Massachusetts. Some members of the public were also concerned about the state of redemption centers across Massachusetts. Pro-Expansion thinkers argue that this bill would not add a tax, as the deposit is redeemable for money back.

Rally Support

Many citizens young and older gathered for the rally to show their support for expanding the bottle bill. Speaker and comedian Jimmy Tingle gave an excellent speech before handing the mic over to MassPIRG representatives. Many interested members of the public were enthused about the rally and asked the best way to show support.

The Massachusetts Coalition to Update the Bottle Bill has set up an excellent website where you can find out how you can help out efforts to expand the bill. MassPIRG also offers a way for citizens to get involved  and show their support for expanding the bill.

Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of the expanded bottle bill and the public opinion surrounding it!

Do you support the Expanded Bottle Bill?

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