FDA Bans BPA From Sippy Cups And Baby Bottles

As more and more information becomes available at our finger tips via social media and the world-wide web, consumers are making more educated purchasing decisions than ever before.  A recent ban by the FDA shows how just how powerful a customer’s voice is to regulatory and private agencies.

The FDA has officially announced that they have banned BPA (Bisphenol A) in sippy cups and baby bottles.

This new ban presents mothers with infants across the country the ability to sigh in relief.  But what about us two-limbed walkers?  Are we supposed to just play BPA Roulette and hope for the best?  Heart Disease, Intestinal Damage, and Infertility are just some of the dangers of BPA that we could be exposed to in our everyday lives.

When it comes to health, infants require the most preferential treatment as they should.  However, this FDA ban translates to me as, “Yah that BPA stuff is pretty deadly so we should probably keep it away from infants.  Oh, all the other BPA ridden products on the market?.. ehh whatever they’ll probably just figure it out”.  Yah, we’ll figure out it alright..hopefully before we end up in the hospital.

It is officially the Age of the Educated Consumer.  With information as the new gold, big name companies can’t get away with nearly as much as they used to.

Information is everywhere now so it is almost inexcusable for consumers to make uneducated purchases.  Moving forward it will be vital for people to unite in exposing the companies who “greenwash” and use other misleading marketing tactics to make a buck.

Time to do some homework people.  Let’s crush corporate greed and show how knowledge is power.

BeCause Water

-Señor Aqua

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