Sodastream Challenges Beverage Companies on Sustainability

Soda Stream Logo

There are a lot of great companies that offer eco-friendly alternatives to wasteful products, but few take their message as far as Israeli company Sodastream. The company offers a home appliance that introduces compressed CO2 gas into your tap water to create a carbonated beverage. Sodastream also offers a variety of flavors for your homemade soda; kind of like the popular single serve coffee makers. However the company isn’t just challenging Coca-Cola and other international beverage corporations with their product, they are also condemning the environmental impact of these corporations.

Sodastream made a big splash with a new exhibit they call “The Cage Challenge”. The company has erected huge metal cages in major cities around the world that show the amount of plastic bottle waste a family generates in 5 years. Their product’s reusable bottle helps to eliminate plastic bottle use and save consumers money. Sodastream also invites consumers to create a virtual cage online, and document the used bottles and cans that they find in their neighborhoods. The exhibit is aimed at raising awareness of the approximately 1 billion bottles (400 million in the US)  that are discarded around the world each day.

Making Waves

Last month, Sodastream brought a Cage exhibit to Atlanta, right down the street from Coca-Cola headquarters. This bold move attracted the attention of consumers and eco-friendly groups, not to mention the wrath of Coca-Cola. The 170 billion dollar beverage company has sent a barrage of legal notices and phone calls in protest of the campaign, but Sodastream remains defiant. This remarkable display of strength in the face of a giant corporation has won Sodastream the respect of many sustainability groups worldwide.

Coca-Cola has since issued statements emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, featuring a recycling effort at the London Olympics. Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Sodastream, has labeled Coca-Cola’s response to his company’s campaign as “laughable”, and demands that the beverage giant take responsibility for the amount of plastic waste Coca-Cola products cause. In addition to their Cage Challenge promotion, Sodastream has also started CO2 canister redemption programs to further eliminate waste from their already sustainable product.

See For Yourself

Sodastream is well established in Europe, with more than half of the company’s business coming from European households. While the company‘s soda making machines are available at many US retailers, the company plans to be fully integrated into American markets by 2014. Sodastream is hugely committed to the environment, and eliminating the millions of plastic bottles that pollute our Earth. Sodastream’s homemade soda device also actively decreases a household’s carbon footprint.

Sodastream is a great example of business and environmentalism working together. The company’s bold shot at beverage giants and plastic bottle waste is a sign that consumers and companies will not sit by and let our environment come second to corporate profits.

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