Taking Care of New England’s Beaches

The beaches of New England draw big crowds every summer, and even some unexpected visitors earlier this month. Far more dangerous than sharks is the power of pollution and human negligence. This summer, be proactive about saving beaches so that the next generation can take the same joy in nature. Whether you’re heading to the Cape or walking to your favorite New England beach, its important to remember how lucky we are to have this resource. Massachusetts has always made protecting local beaches a priority, and we all need to pitch in to maintain the equality of our beach ecosystems. Here are some ways you can protect your own health and the quality of your beaches:

Come Prepared

Along with everything else, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and some water(non bottled) to cut down on waste. Make sure that all of your garbage and recyclables are properly disposed of and remember to stay well hydrated in the heat and humidity. This guide is a great way to find the most convenient beach in your area, and be sure to check whether your beach has a fee to enter.

Be Safe

Whether you’re trying to catch a glimpse at certain high profile visitors or just there to catch some sun, beach safety is extremely important. Check for rip tides, and be wary of the strong currents when swimming. Obey the lifeguards, and check with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reports on water quality at your local beach. If a thunderstorm breaks out, get inside or to your car as quickly as you can. Wear sunscreen and check the UV index to protect your skin from harmful rays. Lastly, stay off sand dunes, as erosion of dunes threatens local communities and ecosystems.

Maintain the Environment

Obviously at BecauseWater, we are all about water sustainability and protecting New England beaches. The Environmental Protection Agency complied a list of Do’s and Dont’s that you can do on the beach and at home to help protect your environment. Remember that while the beach is a getaway for you, it is home to an entire ecosystem that depends on the ocean to function. Pick up trash that isn’t yours and assure a safe and undisturbed environment for local wildlife. Since 1987, COASTSWEEP has been cleaning up the beaches of Massachusetts and holding annual cleaning events. Taking part in a COASTSWEEP clean is a great way to protect your local beaches and help undo some of the human damage!

When you’re at the beach this weekend, remember just how important it is to have clean ocean water and a safe environment. Our beautiful New England beaches are such an important resource, and we all need to pitch in to keep them pretty! If human beings don’t work to preserve and protect the our environment, we will eventually have nothing natural left. We need to take drastic action to maintain our ocean environments and stop water pollution. This weekend do your part, drink lots of non-bottled water, and watch out for sharks!

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