The Art Of Selling Bottled Water

Marketing is Transparent

When bottled water first hit American shelves, it made an impact almost immediately. In 1976, Americans were only drinking 1.6 gallons per person; by 2002 it was up to 18.2 gallons per person. In 2011, each American averages 29.2 gallons of bottled water, and the rising consumption isn’t slowing down. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in sales of bottled water is the intensive effort from bottled water companies advertising their products. Advertisers spend more and more each year to convince consumers that bottled water is good for the environment, healthier than tap water, and worth your money. We looked at some commercials for bottled water and broke down some of the best scams “cough” we meant strategies for making a splash.

Make it “natural”

Poland Spring’s “Born Better” tagline is an example of the most common strategy for selling bottled water. You show some panoramic shots of waterfalls, maybe some people kayaking, and imply that your bottled water is naturally better and more healthy than any other brand. Every bottled water source is “pristine” or “untouched” by man…and then bottled, shipped, and sold. Of course, nothing is more natural than an international corporation invading and taking resources from a local community. You can see how natural your tap water is by visiting our Test the Waters page and requesting a free water quality test!

Make it “Eco-Friendly”

As more and more negative press surfaces against bottled water companies, the new strategy is to focus on how environmentally conscious your product is. Dasani’s “Plant Bottle” commercial has the Earth, some pure water, a plant growing; these are all images to link the bottled water to nature and environmental concerns. The bottle is 30% plant material, but that will make no difference when the majority of the bottles end up in landfills, the ocean, and other places they don’t belong. Massachusetts company Corporate Accountability International has been battling bottled water corporations for years, and you can help join in the fight.

Make it “fun”

A minute long spot for Aquafina water equates the product to alcohol and implies the wild (yet refined) times that you will have consuming their specific brand of water. Everybody’s having a good time, you can party with your friends, show a little cleavage, and dance with a fish. You might even get thrown out of a window! Aquafina doesn’t bother talking about nature or filtration, but rather treats water like beer and shows a wild party. The tagline “The more water you drink, the better you feel” is a great way to sell bottles, plus you want to have as much fun as the people in the commercial, right?

Get a Celebrity/Famous Song 

Or both. Smartwater is smart (the water itself is smart apparently?). They have fully embraced the “internet culture” of today and create a “smart”, “edgy” commercial for their product featuring Jennifer Aniston. The commercial features internet references, humor, puppies; anything to show how clever and funny and ahead of the game Smartwater is. Over two million views, almost three minutes long, and they only actually talk about the product for a few seconds. Smart Advertising.

Bonus: Be…. artsy?

This is coming from Fiji, a company that has a record for dumb ads.

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