Water Sustainability Tips for Summer

Ice Cold Water on the Beach

It’s summer and nothing feels better than a quenching, icy drink on a sweltering day, or a dip in the ocean. But just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean we should ignore where our water comes from and what we can do to protect it. A lot of people want to do their part to help the environment, but they aren’t aware of the simple steps they can take to promote sustainability. Some people want to help, but they don’t have the money to purchase more eco-friendly products.

No More Bottles!

Here’s the thing: in Boston you can help the environment and save money with one simple resource: tap water. Boston has some of the best tap water in the nation (not to mention the tastiest), but making use of our great water is proactive in many ways. This is the summer to swear off bottled water companies forever! Help the environment, and keep a little change in your pocket this summer with reusable containers and clean, healthy tap water!

Tap Into Resources

By using tap water in a reusable bottle you will be cutting down on plastic waste, which will keep bottles from turning up in unwanted places. Additionally, the solid quality of Boston’s tap water eliminates the need to pay exorbitant amounts for a product that you get from your faucet at home. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority conducts hundreds of thousands of screenings for water quality each year, and is held to a more rigorous and safe standard than private bottled water companies. This means that you could be paying 2000% more for inferior quality water! Why waste such an excellent and healthy resource?

The MWRA’s release on Boston’s water in 2012

Protect Your Health

Besides helping your planet and your wallet, reusable water bottles and tap water can also help your health!  BPA, a compound in plastic water bottles has been known to cause health problems in humans. These compounds are at their most concerning when the liquid inside plastic bottles is heated (like in the summer). We have already taken a look at BPA and ways you can reduce your risk of coming into contact with the chemical. The easiest step is to stop drinking water in plastic bottles. A stainless steel or glass reusable container is not only the best tasting option, but also the safest.

Even though it’s hot out, we can’t forget to protect and be proactive about water sustainability. If you haven’t already, its time to say goodbye to bottled water forever: cool off with delicious, eco-friendly, and clean Boston tap water. This summer, take control of your hydration while reducing trash and saving money! Don’t let great water go to waste, and don’t take our great water for granted!

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