Surfer Laird Hamilton and Hundreds of Activists Come Together to Protect Ocean

I think surfing professional Laird Hamilton has summed up the current ocean situation better than any non-profit or state funded environment program ever has..   “The ocean is the heart of the earth..without it we’re not here.  And if it dies, we die.”

Now that’s the kind of cut throat, straight to the point communication we need!!  If we don’t fix this problem ASAP, we’re all screwed.  Forget about planning a trip to the Cape or going for a fishing trip… if we don’t get our act together mankind won’t even have the chance to even think about these activities!

I’m pretty sure BeCause Water has found its number one frontrunner for its awareness campaign.  Laird if you see this post we’ll hire you on the spot!

-Señor Aqua

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