The Heart of the Ecosystem- June is National Ocean Month

Today marks the first day of National Ocean Month.  The summertime is my favorite season largely due to the unbelievable activities that take place at the ocean.  I couldn’t imagine a summer without going for a swim in the ocean or casting out for a late night blue fish.

While my fun at the beach may not be not be jeopardized in the next decade, I’m afraid my future children will be swimming in a toxic wasteland and pulling in plastic bottles instead of blue fish.

As we embark on this ocean awareness month, we will be covering various issues theming around ocean protection.  In the meantime, here are some of the most important topics to get familiar with:


Ocean Acidification

Sea Temperature Rise


Marine Habitat Destruction 

Sea Level Rise

Marine Invasive Species

Gulf Oil Crisis

By Señor Aqua

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